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Chelsea Klukas

Product Design Manager at Facebook

Krys Blackwood

Senior Lead User Experience Designer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nicholas Baker

Industrial Design Consultant

Liz Wells

User Experience Designer at Stink Studios

Jonathan Kim

Creative Director at Rare Volume

Elvira (Elle) Barriga

Creative Director at Local Project

John Frye

Industrial Designer at Honda R&D; Concept Design Academy

Jessie Smith

Product Designer at Adobe

Lauren O'Neill

Art Director/Designer for Fashion, Editorial, and Lifestyle Brands

Arnaud Tanielian

Technical Director at Stink Studios

Emily Herrick

Service Designer for NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity

Meg Lewis

Designer/Educator at Ghostly Ferns, Full Time You, Fool Proof

Timmy Chau

Experience Design Lead at New Deal Design

Ben Sorensen

Product Designer at DoorDash

Guillermo Fok

Project Designer at Tait

Jen Byyny

Senior Director of Product Experience Design at Welltok, Inc.

Sean Wolcott

Creative Director & Founder for Rationale

Meghan Preiss

Design Research and Strategist at RKS Design

Jeff Smith

Education Manager at Autodesk

Miguel A Cardona Jr.

Designer, Illustrator and Assistant Professor of New Media Design

Amelia Fontanel

Associate Curator of the Cary Collection

Emily Dominguez

User Experience Designer

John McCartney

User Experience Designer

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